What is a SameSide campaign?

There are many organizations fighting for change. We help campaigns recruit supporters and deliver calls to action.

A campaign is a deliberate, organized, active promotion by a company, cause or governmental entity to create awareness, attention and action that may result in individual support - financial, activism and volunteerism - for a social issue.

Through SameSide's platform, organizations have campaign pages with information about their cause and ways that supporters can further their mission.

Anyone can create an event in support of that cause. Just choose the campaign you want to support when creating your event. 

Then, when the event is published, it will show up on the campaign's page for other to discover. You can always make it private too if you don't want it open to the public. There's a prompt for that when you create your event. 

You can also search for campaigns under specific topics or locations. Maybe you're interested in a non-profit that is doing work in your city or a candidate running for office in your state. Use the search criteria to find organizations interesting to you. 

The best part about SameSide? A campaign toolkit is sent to every guest who RSVPs for your event. The receive a text to their phone at the start of the event with a link to the campaign's toolkit. In the toolkit, they will find information about the campaign, the issue and calls to action to support the cause. This way, you don't just raise awareness you lead people to action!

Here's what a text and toolkit look like.

Ready to get started?

Are you an organization who wants to bring more awareness and energy to your cause? Our campaings are a simple and affordable tool for you! Reach out to us today to learn more: info@onsameside.com