Virtual Event Links

If you signed up for a virtual event, your host is in charge of sharing the virtual event link with their guests. 

(note: SameSide does not manage virtual event links. We may be able to assist with contacting your host but we do not have access to the virtual event link).

There are a few different ways the host may share the virtual event link with you. 

1. Through your confirmation email

Hosts can share the link through your confirmation email. If so, it will show up in your email looking like this:

2. Through an email

Sometimes, hosts will share the virtual link in a separate email just before the event. If it is not in your confirmation email, look out for this separate email. Often, hosts will indicate in the event description if the link will be sent separately. 

Can I contact my host if I don't receive the link or I have a question?

Absolutely! Every confirmation email comes with a "Message Host" link. Just click on the link and an email will pop-up with the email address or right click to copy the email address into your email. If you have a question prior to booking, just shoot us a message and we will connect you with the host.