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A Conversation with Holistic Health Coach and New Mom, Kimberly Daniels

Meet Kimberly Daniels

Kimberly Daniels is a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor, a New York City public schools Guidance Counselor and a new mom. She's got her hands full, to say the least!

In our interview, Kimberly talks about how her experience running her Self-Care Detox Circles, a three week diet and mental overhaul that is a regular feature of Kimberly's nutritional counseling offering, working in New York City's public school system and her own spiritual practices guided her through her family's unconventional path to parenthood. 

Watch the whole interview below. 

The happy family: Kimberly, Luke and Lennox. 

Kimberly and Lennox. 

Luke and Lennox. 

Kimberly Met Luke & Began Her Family's Journey

Kimberly and Luke met in New York City. Their vision of parenthood was to have one child of their own and one adopted child. Luke was adopted early on in his childhood in England. His experience strongly shaped their vision to adopt a child of their own, to allow a child the opportunities that Luke was afforded from his adopted parents. When it came time to start planning for their family, Kimberly leaned into trying to get pregnant and eventually ended up going through several rounds of IVF treatments. The stress of trying to have a child of their own was emotional, intense, and filled with societal expectations around what it means to be a mother. After trying for several months, Kimberly and Luke decided to focus on adoption as their best option and stop the vehemence of continually trying for pregnancy.


What Motherhood Means

The journey of adoption was not easy either, as Kimberly explains in our interview. It required rigorous application processes and internal soul searching as to what motherhood really means. Kimberly had to dig deeply into her own expectations on this subject. Her work in her holistic nutrition practice and her spiritual practice allowed her to free herself from her preconcieved notions of what a family is. She found happiness in her and her family's decision to adopt and forgo the more traditional way of building a family through pregnancy. They perservered through the application proceedings to receive their miracle baby, Lennox. Watch our full conversation above for Kimberly's own recounting of her experiences throughout this process and how her mindset changed to allow for a less traditional understanding of motherhood to come to fruition. 


Adoption Resources:

Kimberly's recommendation on where to start your adoption journey is on the Adoptive Parents site http://adoptiveparents.org/
We're supporting the Global Gift Registry charity today, for mothers in need of supplies, food, and other key items for their babies. Learn more about this organization here at https://globalgiftregistry.org/

Kimberly Daniels website is www.wellnessbykimberly.com so you can find out more about her work and when her next Self-Care Detox Circle iss in April. The best way to get in touch is via her website or via Instagram at @lovekimberlydaniels. 

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